Saturday, June 14, 2014

Hot as Hades

Last night we went off in search of a pub showing the Spain vs Holland Game.  It wasn't too hard, we were in Spain.....Doh!

On the way we passed this fantastic villa which was deserted except for the wild cats and their tiny kittens ...

The bar / restaurant had two big TVs - one pointed towards the Spanish locals and one pointed towards the Cloggers on holiday!

I don't think I need repeat the result! 

Today was stinking hot as it has been for the last week.  It's not just the heat, but the complete lack of breeze.  It was hot in Oz, but its not so bad in a house as we had fans, A/C in one room plus there was always a breeze.  (Plus I went to work in an air conditioned car and sat in an air conditioned office, so it never felt too bad).

This is different.  It's OK when we are driving as we have the A/C on but when we are moored up it is very, very hot.

Consequently we didn't do to much exploring today!

We did go for a walk down to the beach passing this English chap's giant satellite dish.  He really must miss his Corrie!  Most motorhomes and caravans do have a satellite set-up but this was the biggest we have seen so far ...

Here are the tourists from the caravan park on the way to the beach, dragging their chairs and sunshades behind them ...

A very nice beach and prom ...

We didn't walk too far as it was just too hot.  There is a doggy wash on the campsite so the boys get a good drenching before we go for a walk and another when we return ...

The rest of the day we spent in the pool, followed by a swift one in the bar for happy hour.

Back at the van we fired up the barbie for a tuna and veggie stir fry ...

In the early evening I cycled into town and bought a fan, so we can get a breeze going in the van, so tonight should be better!

Bombo sleeps under the van to keep cool ...

We like it here so we are staying for another day.  One reason is that I want to watch England thrash Italy tonight, so it will be another 02.00 finish, the same as last night when I watched Australia put the frighteners up Chile.....they didnt win tho!

We have decided that although we have really enjoyed Spain, more so than Portugal, that is isn't a place that we would like to live full time.  It would be fantastic to have a holiday, holiday home or to escape to in your motorhome or caravan but it's just not for us full time. We were hoping to get the same wow feeling we got when we first went to Australia, but it just hasn't happened.

We will now try and spend more time in France and if time permits, Italy before heading back to the UK in mid July.

A question for the readers.....
There are heaps of Dutch holiday makers in Spain.  Why do 99% of them have identical matching bicycles - do they have BOGOF deals in bikes in Holland?  Most of the poms are like us, just a couple of odd old bikes on the back of the van!


  1. Ola me amigos,

    Just a little note, don't let Dutch people on "moorings" put you off settling in Spain. I know you can get the feel of a place, but campsites and who's on them aren't anything to do with real life there.

    Wherever you eventually choose, some advice, rent for at least 3 months in an area you like, live as they do and learn all you can. There's a big difference...

    Heth xxx

    1. Know what you are saying, but are not getting the vibe at the mo. Maybe we will see things differently when we return to the UK.

    2. Yeh, I'm embarrassed to admit at first, for us it was all about Benidorm!! When we got back to the UK we realised what a nightmare that would've been. So we started doing research looking elsewhere, further south, it was Dave who found the La Zenia area online. So after a year of research, it was time to discover for 4 months! As you know, we found our place "next door" and a bit further back from the sea. Still within easy walking distance of the mall and it's a beautiful walk there from the house. I'm also glad we didn't buy in La Zenia too. 3rd time lucky lol. We'd never have even known or seen our slice of heaven without our brill estate agent team (man & wife), who have their own business on the orywallywoola coast!! We didn't even know La Zenia was in Orihuela costa till we got there!! (Can spell it right sometimes).
      So altogether we spent almost 6 months there looking at property, and we tested out 2 areas before settling on the third!!
      Having said that we knew Spain & the med was for us. We wouldn't even consider the Atlantic side or inland.
      Just like us, you're in no rush, there's plenty of time to weigh things up. Well you have to make it more complicated don't you?! Got to choose a country first!!!
      Heth xx

  2. Yo! We used to live in Holland.....the cyclist is king. They have bicycle tracks which are separated completely from the roads in most places. If you hit a cyclist with your car, then it is highly likely you will end up in jail! The bikes all look the same, and are built so that ‘add ons’ are easy to fit. One evening, when we were walking down the road, a dutch cyclist came past us.....the peddler (father) was taking his wife and two children out for a special night, he was dressed in a tuxedo, his wife was sitting behind him on a side saddle holding a two year old, she was wearing a posh frock (the wife) and a four year old was sitting in a proper seat with arms which hung from the front handlebars. Life sentence if you hit one of those!!! George

    1. I went to Amsterdam every yea since 2000 for my old job, Obviously heaps of bikes there, but they were all different shapes and sizes. I think I have the answer, these things are battery perhaps they all use the same make.

  3. On a lighter note George, we have a Dutch lady lives opposite us in Spain and she's a lovely person. We also appreciate the cosmopolitan lifestyle over there, it doesn't matter where you come from. In our experience everyone just gets along together, there are no labels. Language is no barrier to having a good laugh either. (If nothing else works, resort to sign language of sorts) Guaranteed to bring out the humour in anyone!
    Like I said, you have to be in a place you like for a few months before making a life changing decision. Which is what we did, and what any expat would recommend.
    We took our time and it took us over a year to find the right place for us. Changed our minds 3 times during those 12 months of research! We only got it right through doing our homework and renting first, as advised.