Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bloggers Boat, Footy and Formula 1

I spotted NB Cleddau on the morning dog walk, she was moored up on the Bolly aqueduct.  We have waved at the owners before when we had Caxton and we showed some friends of theirs around Caxton when they were thinking of buying a Barn Owl boat.

I didn't spot any signs of life. mind you it was early ... 11.00am!

I noticed the roof has a step up or down depending which way you look at it.  I don't recall seeing that on a boat before, perhaps its two boats joined together and it didn't meet in the middle!

I stopped and watched a bit of Sunday footy on the way back to base, which took me back a few years!   I played up until I was 53 and loved it, but a neck injury put me out to pasture.

They had no spectators apart from me and the two dogs.  We used to pull a crowd of about 30, which mainly consisted of the two teams that had finished before us or the two teams that had a game after us!

Elaine would come and watch very occasionally, but her friend came along and watched quite a few games.  The lads always thought that I had two women on the go!

It was fun to watch, listening to the banter and a bit of handbags thrown in, ahh the good old days.

Not much else to report.   I made up an ebay ad for the dining table as we are getting closer to the off, we might as well try and get some of our money back on the second hand furniture.

I even watched the Bahrain formula 1 race, which is the first race  have watched in years.  I was a regular at the Adelaide Grand Prix right from the start until they lost it to Melbourne in 1995.  Keke Rosburg won the first one in 1985 with Damon Hill winning the last race. 

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  1. Well, well, sorry we missed you! It was probably later than 11am as we had moored overnight the other side of Kerridge, moved during the morning to Bollington for a paper and lunch at the café in Clarence Mill. We were probably tucking into green eggs 'n' ham upstairs in the café when you passed... As for the 'step down' appearance the boat was built in 1989 by a Trent boat builder and that design was meant to imitate the profile of a loaded narrow boat. However, the Captain, brought up near shipyards, suspects that the builder cut some steel short!
    Sue/Boatwif/ nb Cleddau