Sunday, April 5, 2015

It's a Gas!

We are finally back on line.....we ran out of data allowance again!!

I have a bit of catching up to do, the post below was written last Monday........

Today (Monday) we went for a spin in the motorhome to achieve a couple of objectives, firstly to fill it with LPG and check for leaks and secondly to put it on a weighbridge and see how much crap essential pieces of equipment we could take with us.

We finally found the LPG station lurking in a industrial estate in Macc.  It was a full do-it-yourself job, stick the credit card in and away you go.  I have never used a LPG filling point before, but it all went smoothly.
The main difference being is that once the filler is connected to the connector, my trusty assistant has to keep the big red button pressed until the filling stops!

gas fill 059

Then it was out with the fairy liquid bottle to check for leaks…..crikey there was one!  It was very small so just a matter of cracking the nut and re-tightening, hey presto no leaks.

Now for the really good part……check out the price!!

That is the price to fill 2 x 11kg bottles. I am pretty happy with that.

gas fill 061

The next stop was the weighbridge, which wasn’t quite as good.  We have got about 150 kg to play with.  I was hoping to put a scooter on the back but will have to do some calculations, it is going to be tight and maybe impossible without breaking the law.

More blogging will be resumed soon!


  1. Hope you & the dogs were on board when you weighed the motorhome, as that alone would (Probably ;-) ) be enough to get up to the limit ? Cos whenever I have been weight checked by the Gestapo errrr Highways Agency they have insisted that I stay on board.

  2. Disappointing news at the weighbridge. Our Rapido 963f is only plated at 3500kg. I loaded it with most of the stuff we would be travelling with just before our first local trip - clothes, basic foodstuff, pots and pans and even around 40% water tank. I took it to a weighbridge and have a certificate that says we had 150kg spare with loads of leeway on both axles. That allowed me to put the 98kg scoot in the back. I estimate we should now be around max at that, with a fully packed van for Europe. I will leave the water tank empty. I have also considered replacing the heavy table with a lighter one. I wonder how many owners even think about this?

    1. I did weigh it with full water and fuel, plus I had a very heavy toolbox in the garage, so I maybe OK. We couldn't change the table. its our favourite part of the van. Going by what we saw in Europe last year, I reckon most of the vans were overloaded.

    2. Yes your last sentence is my opinion too.