Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I Spy

Last night we went for a final dinner with brother Russell and his wife Tracy. 

We left the dogs at home alone so Russ set up his IPad in the kitchen, which has an app on it that uses the camera to film what is happening which then can be watched on  another IPad or phone!

He propped up the IPad at the end of the table and we watched what the doggies got up to!  The waiter thought we were watching some must see TV but when we told him we were watching the dogs at home he was beside himself, getting the chef out of the kitchen to check it out plus telling all the other customers!

Today we bade them farewell, as they left for Milton Keynes ...

They went back via Derbyshire and sent us this pic of Russell and Elsa living dangerously on the edge!

I am still feeling pretty grotty but it was too nice a day to stay in.  We went for a bit of a walk along the canal then popped down to the motorhome to put a few more bits and pieces in the van ready for tomorrow's run out.

We can only stay out until Saturday, because on Sunday I  am going to one of the best football fixtures of the year.....Man Utd vs Man City.  This is all down to those wonderful Aussies Ray and Diane from NB Ferndale, who happen to be members of the Australian Man Utd supporters club, so can get hold of tickets every now and again.

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