Friday, April 17, 2015

Euro Camping and Aires Books

Today all our Euro trip books arrived.  

We ordered French Passions, which list vineyards etc to overnight in France ... you stay for nothing but hopefully you buy some of their produce ... can't see that being a problem!!

Aires, Spain and Portugal, which list sites where you can stay for free or a nominal charge.  The idea being that you will spend a bit of cash in the village or town, once again not a problem.

ACSI camping card, which lists thousands of sites throughout Europe where you pay either 12, 14, 16 or 18 euros a night and includes the van, passengers, dogs and elec hook up.  You cannot use the card in the peak season which is basically July and August.

Aires France which once again is a list of sites which are either free or a nominal charge, you can also empty the waste and fill with water at the aires sites, some charge a few Euros for water. The Aires France book is now so big it is split into 2 books, only motorhomes can stop at Aires the caravanners must stop in official caravan sites.

We also have a Britstops book in the van which list hundreds of mainly pubs but also garden centres and farms where you can stop overnight in the UK for no cost, but once again it is polite to pop in for a pint.

With all these at hand there really is no need to plan a journey, as you will always find somewhere to pull up for the night. 

I have also bought a new Tom Tom, euro version, as the last one was becoming problematic,  Tom Tom is my best friend when out on the road, it makes driving so much easier, especially with the new lane guidance when on multi lane roads.  We do take a proper map and use that to get an idea of which way we want to go then pop the info into Mr Tomtom and the rest is a piece of cake.

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