Monday, April 20, 2015

Bosley Locks Revisited

Dot and Gordon are heading back Bolly way so I stupidly gladly offered to give them a hand up the Bosley lock flight!

It really is no hardship as I.M.H.O. it is one of the nicest flights on the canal system.

Rendezvous time was 11.00 am. at the bottom lock.

I arrived a few minutes early and sat for a while enjoying the quiet and serene atmosphere ,,,

The peace was shattered with the noise of the mighty Beta 43 on full song steaming into view.

It wasn't really, it was whisper quiet and they were doing about one knot!

Today was probably one of the nicest days of the year so far - it was even shorts and tee shirt weather!

Dot still has a gammy leg so she steered the boat whilst Gordon and myself worked the locks ...

I left them at the top lock and headed back to base, they then headed to Gurnett aqueduct for the night.

Dot also gave me a goody bag full of smoked salmon and cheese (smoked on the boat) an incredibly yummy chocolate cake and truffles, all very much appreciated!

I received a call from Dot later as she had arranged an appointment at a Macc doctor to check out the aforementioned gammy leg.  The Citroen was quickly converted  to to its patient transport mode and away we went!  The patient was quickly transported from boat to surgery and back to Sutton Hall  for a cooling recovery ale.

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