Sunday, April 12, 2015

What A Fantastic Day

We left Aynho yesterday and drove back to Bolly, we programmed Tom Tom to avoid motorways and enjoyed a nice run back.

The dogs loved the huge dashboard at the bow to watch the world go by ...

I'm not sure that the old bill would approve, we will have to find them another perch ...

Later yesterday afternoon Ray and Diane from NB Ferndale arrived.   They were sleeping over as today we had a day of great excitement planned.

Thanks to Ray and Diane we had tickets to go and watch one of the most important fixtures of the football season....Man Utd vs Man City at Old Trafford.

This my fourth visit to Old Trafford, but nothing matched the atmosphere of today's game.

The noise inside the packed stadium is deafening,  I have never experienced anything like it in any sporting code. 

My skin horripilated with the excitement!!

It was a fantastic game.....

.....With the good guys winning 4-2

Game over, it was time to join the throng and head back to the car and Bolly ...

Once again I cannot thank Ray and Diane enough, it was a most splendid day.

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