Monday, April 27, 2015

Stalking Boaters

We were at a loose end yesterday, actually we are at a loose end most days!

We decided to go on a mini road trip and stalk some boaters who were in the approximate area and who we haven't seen for a while.

Our first stop was our old stomping ground of Stone.  We were looking for the floating markets and thought they would be down in the centre of Stone, but no - they placed the boats up near the railway station which is a fair way from the centre of Stone!

As we walked up to the markets we passed this boat, unfortunately she didn't poke her head out so we couldn't check out how scary she was!

Just before Fullers yard we spotted the new mooring of NB Foxglove, a lovely boat which used to be moored at Aston Marina.  Roy, Claire and the boat were missing but what a lovely mooring they have - the pic doesn't do it justice, it is a lovely spot. 

We soon spotted our first target, Barry and Sandra and NB Areandare aka The Home Brew Boat.

Their blog (NB Northern Pride) was one of the first narrowboat blogs I used to follow and was one of our main inspirations for making the big trip to the UK canals.  We even met up with Barry and Sandra in Sydney back in 2009 and 2010 as they were travelling to and from NZ and  their boat.  We haven't caught up since then although we have been in touch by email and facebook.    

It was brilliant to see them again - we had a good chat and catch up.  Sandra also made us some lovely oatcakes for our lunch.

Hopefully we will catch up again when we take off in our motorhome.

Great to see you guys and all the best for the future. 

Farewell till next time.

The next victims to be stalked were Andy and Sue of NB Festine Lente, who were our winter mooring companions from Aston Marina and also really good friends.  We have been in regular contact and we have also had two holidays with them and others from the Aston Marina winter mooring gang.

We met them at Nantwich and popped down to a local pub.  The doggies weren't allowed in the pub so we sat in the garden, which was lovely and sunny but just a tad chilly.

After a couple of pints we headed back to their lovely boat for a coffee.

We will catch up with them later in the summer as they are heading off towards London and the Thames.  It is one of the spots we will definitely be heading off to in the motorhome. 

Once again it was great to catch up with such lovely people.

Talking of lovely people we need to say a huge thank you to the Aston Marina Boaters who have bought Elaine and myself a wonderful pressie of a day break in a Lovely Hotel/Spa.  We are going to have a full day of being pampered by food, drink and massages - just wonderful!

So a massive thank you to......... Dot, Gordon, Ray, Diane, Andy, Sue, Roly, Bev, Sharon and  Richard.
It is appreciated so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

If any other boaters would like to be stalked please leave a comment!  
(Carol and George - you are already on our stalking list !!)


  1. You can stalk us , we won't mind

  2. Bugger!!! That’s another bloody BBQ!

  3. Oh heck better stock up on the tinnies then Chris, we way have visitors.

  4. Stick us on the list...we are meeting in Nottingham weekend of the 10/5 with four other boats ready for our trip across the Wash so four boats , one stone.
    X Lesley