Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Soap and Ropes

Things in the Macey household are moving along nicely.  We have been in touch with our landlady and gave her notice that we are leaving the cottage in June.  It worked out quite well as she is going to sell the cottage, so we could have been homeless (again!)

It is probably the biggest problem with renting, you can never truly settle down in case the owner sells and you have to move out.  Thankfully we didn't rent for too long in Oz before getting on the property ladder.

Yesterday Elaine spent a big part of the day cooking up a new batch of smack soap ...

I took a walk this morning.  It is lovely to see the surrounding countryside greening up.  In saying that, it snowed this morning!! 

Now this baby is going nowhere, it is tied to the rings with 8 ropes!
I suppose it puts the little darlings off of setting it free ... they would be too lazy to untie it!

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