Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bollington Services Now Shut!

I hereby announce that after six months the Bollington services have now officially shut!

Over the last six months our services to boaters have  been.....Overnight accommodation, dining facilities, taxi services, ambulance services, cassette emptying, generator repairers, pet therapy, PO Box facility, lock wheeling on the Bosley Flight, bathing facilities, daily checking of unattended boats and finally accompanying lonely boaters to the pub!

Today we handed back the keys to the real estate agent, before that I took the dogs for a walk along the canal, which is just the other side of the hedge.

Then it was off to Bolly for the final check over and clean, Elaine had her final bath.

Saying goodbye to Anne, the lovely baker across the road from the house. 

Well worth a visit if you stop by Bolly

And a final farewell to the Spinners Pub.

The landlord Adam profusely thanked  me for spending all my hard earned in his pub. 

Once again if you are in Bolly drop in for a pint, no food, just a good old boozer.

Tha'ts it the Bolly experience has finished.

UK and mainland Europe beckons. 


  1. I have to say the Bolly services were excellent and will be greatly missed. Lovely photo in the pub too, never noticed there was a beer garden though xx

    1. The rear garden of the pub is huge, I am glad you enjoyed the Bolly services.