Friday, June 26, 2015

Just About Ready For The Off!

Tomorrow we leave on Euro trip Mk3. We absolutely cant wait to start travelling again, so the last couple of days have been sorting out the final details.

We had our last lunch at Sutton Hall, arguably one of the best pubs in the UK IMHO......Dog friendly as well.

Next take the car for a Polish wash. 

So to today. the pushies have been put back on the stern.
I got up to date with the washing. 

We went for a walk and fed the ducks..... 

Then it rained yet again!!!! 

 England really is a place of two weather extremes, down south it is nice, warm and sunny, up north it is crap!  

We then drove the lovely little C3 to Elaine's brothers house where it will be stored for the foreseeable future.  

I cant believe what a fantastic car this £2000 C3 has been over the last three years, it has never let us down and that includes taking it to Spain and back loaded to the gunnels. 

We then said farewell to Elaine's dad and came back to Poynton on the train, Elaine's bro Trevor came with us then he was going to walk back to Macc!! Ten mins on the train, two hours to walk back!! 

I also popped into the Dr's surgery today to see how we got on with request for drug supplies for the next few months, thanks to a very helpful receptionist and understanding Dr I have got 7 months supply of blood pressure and cholesterol drugs.....result.

Tomorrow the Euro trip starts off, destination.........Anglesey!!  


  1. A result with the prescription - I'm still working on that issue.

    1. Hi Peter
      I went to the surgery Monday lunchtime, no one was there apart from two receptionists, it gave me time to have a good old chat and explain what we were doing, she said write to the Dr and explain what you were doing and she would give him the letter after lunch. She said come back on Friday as you will get some of the drugs whatever the outcome. the outcome was more than we asked for, I asked for 3 months worth and ended up with 7 months worth!

  2. Have a great trip - we look forward to reading about the next stage of your adventures.

    Robin and Jenny, Romany Rambler, way down south in New Zealand

  3. All the best on the new adventure. Will look forward to reading all about it!
    Have fun.
    Elly xx