Saturday, June 20, 2015

Happiness Is Banging Your Drum!

I finished polishing the van yesterday, there must be something in the air, we are close to Braidbar HQ, its the only reason I can come up with having this urge to polish everything in sight.  

I even polished the satellite dish!!

It does look good though.

I cant believe it is 8.5 years old, it it like new inside and out.

In the evening we went over to Macclesfield where we met up with Kathy and Phil. Kathy is an old school friend of Elaine's. 

We had a drink at the Oxfford  tavern, the landlord is new and was proudly telling us of his hatred for cats and his comment of the only good cat is in a sack in a canal didn't go down too well with us.

We then went to went to a superb Indian restaurant where we ate too much, drunk too much and stayed till midnight.

It was a really good catch up with lovely people. 

Hopefully they are going to join us in London when we are there mid July. 

Pat cash impersonation! 

As we were going to have a few drinks we stayed the night at Elaine's dads house, he babysat the boys while we were out.

We woke to a very gloomy wet day, but undeterred took a walk down to the town. 

Behind the gloom are the green hills overlooking Macc, no chance of seeing them today. 

We were tempted to pop in here and escape the crap weather! 

But then we were cheered up by this merry bunch of nutty hippy drummers. 

They marched through the town all banging away, to see them so happy took our minds off the lousy weather.

Life is Good, make the most of it. 

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