Saturday, June 13, 2015

Bye Bye Bolly...

But firstly to yesterday, it was such a lovely hot day, we decided to go out in the sunshine, and move into the motorhome on Saturday.

Elaines brother Trevor dropped by, so I took them to Manchester airport where we could go for a nice walk, plus watch a few planes take off and land. 

I had to carry Sammie for a while as he has hurt his paw and is limping a bit.

Its a lovely spot to walk around.

And just a stones throw from the airport.

Oh look a plane.

Monarch would have to be one of England's oldest charter airlines, we used to watch them fly out of Luton in the late 60s. and throughout the 70s My old girlfriend used to work in Air Traffic Control at Luton airport, she knew all the pilots from the different airlines. One in particular was a eccentric chap called Jeremy who used to fly a Monarch Boeing 720B  in riding boots! He took us on a couple of jollys to Greece and Spain, we sat in the cockpit jump seats. Ah the good old days.

The big old A380 was off to Dubai.

It dwarfs the Ryanair Boeing 737 which in fact was a lot closer to us and taking off.

So to today, we picked up the motorhome from the farm in Bollington and we are now moored up at Higher Poynton.

We are here for a couple of weeks whilst we check everything is all working as it should be.

We have spent most of the afternoon back in the Bolly house, cleaning it up and removing the last of our bits and pieces. I don't know how Elaine makes it all disappear throughout the motorhome.

We will go back tomorrow and finish up cleaning the house, although there is no hurry as the lease doesn't expire until Wednesday. 

Its a very good feeling to be on the move again albeit only a small move.

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