Thursday, June 4, 2015

Up Up and Away

At last summer has arrived, it got to 23 up north so it was probably a lot warmer dan saaf.

This meant that the new shorts got their first airing.

Where should I take the new shorts?

Elaine was doing a one day first aid course, this is so that if I go into cardiac arrest whilst abroad she can resuscitate me rather than trusting the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) card to work!  (The EHIC card is supposed to give you free treatment whilst on Le Continent, we tried to use it in Spain, but they told us to jam it where the sun didn't shine ( Jam es donde el sol brille doesnt)!! So it should save us money, if I have a heart attack that is.

  I decided to go somewhere that Elaine would hate....checking out airplanes!
There is an official spectator spot but dogs arn't allowed so I went onto the plane nutters spotters site and found out that there is a walking track and nature trail around the airport.

It was great space to spot the big birds.

Easy Jet

Thomas Cook 


And finally the big ugly A380 of Emirates

Great plane to fly on tho. 

We will go again soon as I reckon even El will enjoy the walk.

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  1. The Airport Pub on Ringway Road is another good viewing point providing the best of both worlds on a sunny day, a pint and the aircraft at the start of the full thrust down the runway blast, all close to the beer garden.