Monday, June 22, 2015

Stalking Birthday Boaters

Our stalking victims today were Dot and Gordon from NB Ewn Ha Cul!

Today was Gordon's birthday, so it was an especially good day for stalking!  Dot and Gordon's boat was at Burscough today, on the Leeds Liverpool canal.

Apart from celebrating Gordon's birthday we needed to pay them a visit so that Elaine could hand over a couple of Cornish/boat artefacts that she and her brother, Trevor had made for them.

Trevor made them a name plaque, somehow using his scroll saw (he is a very talented chap) ...

Trevor had also made up a 'triskele; template for Elaine, so that she could do her mixed media collaging to it!  The photo doesn't do it justice though, especially with a beer behind it!

Elaine also gave them a pile of her home made soaps (that she had been making while we were living in the house).

We then continued on with our long lunch in the Hop Vine pub, and very nice it was too.  The food and the service was brilliant.  

After lunch it was back to their boat for coffee before we headed back to Poynton with some of Dot's strawberry jam, smoked salmon and home made bread - bonus!

It was a most fantastic catchup and we look forward to another one in the not too distant future.

I can't finish the post without another whinge about the chronic weather we are having up here.  It hammered down all night and again this morning!  We drove to Burscough in driving rain and really cold temps.  As we approached Burscough it stopped raining and warmed up slightly.  On the drive back it was fine until we arrived back in Poynton where it was raining but only lightly.

Tomorrow's forecast is for a fine day and WARM!!  Fingers crossed ...


  1. Brilliant to see you both - thanks for the pressies!! xxx

  2. No probs, enjoyed the catch up. xx