Monday, June 1, 2015

It's Kin Freezin!!

We were going to go for a good walk yesterday but the weather was so crap we postponed it 'till today.

So, this morning when the sun was shining briefly, we set off for our walk to Tegg's Nose, which sits above Macclesfield.

.   The sun which had been shining through our window indoors was very misleading, as it felt pretty chilly when we left home. 

I wasn't thinking that it would be cold out today, so I left my bubble coat back at base.  
It is the 1st June today ... it couldn't be that cold could it?!!

We left the carpark and headed off towards the Tegg's Nose summit passing a couple of the locals ...

You can see Macc behind Elaine ...
Note...Elaine not only had her bubble coat on but also had a body warmer on under it!

The views were nice ...

There is some old quarry equipment that has been left on display ...

A bit further up the hill and the views are superb looking across to Macc forest.

I don't normally play with the pics, I put them on straight out of the can, but it was so bloody dull I had to brighten them up!  It must look fantastic if when the sun comes out ...

By now I was absolutely 'kin freezin, the temp read 9 degrees in the car but with the wind chill it felt like about 3 degrees!

Behind me the rain clouds were rolling in so we took off back to the car.

Once back at base it was hot soup followed by a hot bath for me!!

I just checked the weather back at our old home in Manly Australia, it is 19 degrees on the first day of winter!!!  In our favourite Spanish town of Mojacar it is sunny and 28 degrees!!

Mustn't grumble I suppose, you don't come to the UK for the weather and there is no such thing as bad weather, it's wearing the wrong clothes!  Today I got it completely wrong, the bubble coat has been un packed!


  1. Good for you going up to Tegg's Nose! It's pretty exposed, isn't it... Apart from the sheep (and some cows later on in the summer) you might have come across the Ranger, our 'Techno Son-in-Law'.

    Boating down the Staffs and Worcs today I resorted to mountain cap and snow mitts as it was so cold.

    Good luck with your voyages to come on The Manly Ferry.

    Sue /Boatwif/nb Cleddau

    1. Didn't see any rangers today, it was so cold!

  2. There's a boat moored at Blisworth called Tegg's Nose. And on the stern, in tiny letters, it says 'Tegg's Arse'.