Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sammie I've A Feeling We're Not In The Spinners Anymore!

When I opened the blinds this morning I thought aliens had landed next to us overnight!

It was in fact a Go-Pod, all yours for £8495 or about $17,000 AUD.

You could easily buy a real caravan for that, the strange Martian even put a clamp on the wheels to stop it getting nicked! Who in their right mind would nick that bloody thing.

He wasn't even a dwarf vertically challenged little person.   

It is still a bit cool up north so I polished half of the van to warm myself up, I could only manage the lower half because I haven't a ladder to reach the top half! 

After working up a sweat we took the dogs for a walk and dropped into our new local The Boars Head, as the title suggests its a lot quieter than the Spinners back in Bolly. 

We walked back along the Middlewood Way, I love the fact that the platform is still there. 

Elaine cooked up a yummy curry for tea it was a hybrid Indian/Thai curry and twas very nice.

Tomorrow I will polish the top half of the van as my nice neighbour has lent me a ladder.....not the Martian, we haven't seen them for hours, I think him and his Mrs have checked into a local hotel rather than sleep in that bloody thing!


  1. I saw a motor home on the motorway with other day with a personalised number plate, and thought of you. It was RV02FUN

    1. Back in Oz i had a Triumph TR6 with the plate POM-006 and a Triumph Bonneville motorbike POM-OO

  2. Love the old railway line! How far can you walk it's? Will have to put it on my list for future reminder.
    Happy travelling,

    1. Hi Elly
      It runs from Macclesfield to Marple and can be used by walkers, cyclists and horses.