Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Into Storage and a Harley.

We hired a van today from the best hire company around, Enterprise, they are such a great easy company to deal with, they gave me a much bigger van than we needed for £29.00 for a day.

We soon had the boxes and a couple of bits of furniture into the van.

And a little later into the storage facility in Hazel Grove.

Next week we will hire another van and take the rest of our stuff to my mums house in Milton Keynes.

Whilst we were loading up the van we noticed that one of the boxes sounded like it was full of broken glass, sure enough a couple of our framed pics had the glass broken. No biggie they have been and in storage for three years so we expected some sort of breakage.

Whilst sorting them out I found a couple of framed photos of my old Harley Davidson motorcycle.

It was quite a funny story, I had been riding the bike through Sydney city centre, I was stopped at a set of traffic lights when I noticed this young girl having her photo taken by what looked like a professional photographer, as I was checking her out she beckoned me over. This was 1992 and I was single. 
Problem was she wasn't interested in me but could she use my bike as a prop as she was having her modeling portfolio shot!

They offered me some cash as I was there for about 30 mins, I said don't worry about it, so he said jump on the bike and I will take a couple of shots. A few days later 2 framed pics arrived by courier.

I think she looks better than me!  


  1. Cool pic! For a moment there I had braced myself for news that you had acquired a Harley on a trailer to go with the Rapido. Then I would have been sick, what with my 115cc scooter! The 1992 pic of you reminds me of Phil Collins I must say?

    1. It looked good Peter, but that is where it ended, handled like a pig woeful brakes, 1340cc and oh so slow. Great resale value though, I had it for about 4 years and sold it to a dealer for more than I paid for it!

  2. What a cool dude!!

    Robin and Jenny, Romany Rambler