Sunday, June 21, 2015


There was a picnic going on today at the the top of White Nancy, it was to celebrate 200 years since Waterloo, with thew added bonus of a picnic to celebrate the summer solstice.

We met Elaine's brother Trevor in the Bolly carpark and hiked to the top of White Nancy.

There was a fair old crowd up there in what can only be described as trying conditions, being cold and windy! 

The Bolly Brass Band was bashing out a tune. 

Complete with singing dog! 

Bombo was shivering so Elaine had him inside her coat. 

They are are a hardy bunch the northerners, nothing was going to stop their picnics. 

Sammy was inside Trevs jacket. 

First day of summer......pah! 

But oh the country side is so beautiful.  

On the way back I spotted an old Dakota flying overhead.

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