Friday, October 16, 2015


We went to our cheapo Scallops restaurant for brekkie this morning.  Next to the restaurant is a lot of wasteland, where we found this chap in there trimming the edges!!! Why?! We have noticed this kind of thing a lot it Spain as in people doing strange jobs for no plausible reason ... generally painting something or trimming bushes etc but generally in uninhabited areas. Keeps unemployment down I suppose!

Elaine went full English but bought the meaty bits back to the van for the doggies.  Sammie does love his sausages, his eyes bulge when he goes for them! 

Our first stop today was to be Moraira.  We have been there before and it is a lovely little town.  Last time we parked in a carpark right by the beach, next to the 'no camping cars' sign. This time we arrived in the town and it was absolutely rammed as it was market day.  Our little remote carpark was bursting at the seams, there was absolutely nowhere to park whatsoever.

We carried along the coast for a few ks until we came to Calpe.  Once again there were lots of signs indicating don't even try and park your motorhome here!!

We passed an Aire just back a couple of hundred metres from the beach, so we decided to go in there.  They do charge 12 Euro a night (£8.80 / $17.50AUD) but it has showers, 240 hookup and a little bar. We wanted to stay away from a site but really had no choice as this area is so busy.  However the atmosphere in the site is really good with most people only staying a few days, so it is very casual.  There are lots of French, Germans, Dutch and a couple of pommie motorhomes.

We parked up and put the awning out, then I put my bloody back out setting up the van stabilizers.   Consequently I spent a couple of hours flat on my back, when I may or may not have fallen asleep!

We went for an afternoon walk down to the prom.  It is very different from Javea where it was predominately British.  Calpe is mostly French, German, Dutch and Russians! 

One of our tasks was to find a English bar showing the Rugby so I could watch the Aussies beat the sweaties on Saturday.  We were struggling badly.  I enquired in a couple of bars to be told by the surly Spanish barmen 'NO only football!'

We then met a little old suntanned English Lady who said when she got back to her flat she would ask her husband where it would be showing and would text us the details. It turns out they have a holiday apartment down here but live in Cheddleton next to the Caldon canal!  She was a lovely old girl and we had a long chat with her as we walked along the prom.  She insisted we took her phone number and drop in and see her next time we pass through Cheddleton!

Back at base Elaine made a lovely salmon salad and we sat outside eating it in the warm evening air.

As you can see they jam the motorhomes in here.  The Caravan Club would throw a mega wobbly on being allowed to park so close to each other!

Here we be ...

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