Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Electronic Meltdown

Our dramas with electronic gadgetry continue!  This morning Elaine's laptop decided it wanted to die ... it actually screamed like a dying rabbit.  (We know this because that is what happened to us back in Oz.  Not long before we left on our voyage of discovery Elaine's rabbit died in front of us, letting out a blood curdling scream as she keeled over.  You wouldn't think a rabbit could make such a noise but thankfully it was all over in a few seconds).  The computer lasted longer than a few seconds and it wouldn't hold charge anymore so Elaine was frantically trying to do a back up and write down all our top secret pass words!

It has stopped discharging at 3% so it is hanging in there.

Before we left on this trip we bought a little tablet ... that 'kin thing crapped itself as soon as we hit France!  It is still under a warranty but there isn't any Argos in mainland Europe, so it will have to wait until we return to blighty.

Thankfully my PC ... BIG BERTHA is still working, albeit having a few funny turns every now and again.

We thought we had solved our camera problem this morning when Elaine found a backup camera we brought with us.

The 'box brownie' hadn't been used since 2009 and after a bit of cajoling it sprung into life.  It was funny looking at the old pics on it - way back in time, in Oz!  I put fresh batteries in it when it decided to throw a wobbly and leave its lens out.  I tried all sorts but alas it is also dead.  

Whilst we were frigging around with all this broken down stuff the sunshine returned ... we hadn't seen the sun in just over 24 hours, its disgusting!!

I did however get the original camera working a bit but it takes about 20 minutes to take one shot and the only way to switch it off is to remove the battery.

I have priced up a new camera, and they are a lot cheaper in the UK.  We have some friends coming out in early November and I was going to get them to bring a new one out.  However, I don't think I can wait that long so will have to buy the more expensive Spanish version.

So only a few pics today...

Arenal beach prom walk ...

Arenal is a fabulous beach.  It is probably one of the best beaches we have seen in Europe.  It is right up there with Manly beach and that is world class.

Arenal Beach ...

Manly Beach ...

Today however the sea was pretty rough, far too dangerous for us to go for a swim ... 

We went for a walk around the headland ...

Elaine spent some time fossicking for treasure (as well as tidying up some rubbish!) ...

On the way back we stopped at an incredibly cheap restaurant, Scallops, where a three course meal will set you back 5.95 Euros (£4.46 / $9.70 AUD).  Check it out here.

Breakfast is an outrageous 2.95 Euro (£2.21 / $4.80AUD).  Check it out here.

Also when we left Scallops we noticed numerous motorhomes parked on some waste ground near the restaurant, so we will check out here tomorrow and move over there.

There is a lovely pool at the site so when we got back we spent some time poolside, catching up on some reading ... well I did, Elaine played with a cat!

We've decided that we are spending too much dosh on campsites in Spain.  The Aires here in Spain are few and far between and they often charge about 15 Euros anyway, so we are going to have a go at wild camping in the next few days - should be interesting!

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