Saturday, October 3, 2015

Tarragona Spain

We had a massive storm last night, it really made the van shake and the noise from the rain was incredible.

Today was warm, humid and overcast,  I spent the first few hours of the day catching up on emails and banking etc.

Later in the afternoon we went for a walk along the beach to the headland and forest.

You can see the site behind Elaine ...

It was still a bit rough after last night's storm so no swimming today ...

We cut back through the woods ...

Back to base after Bombo had an illegal run on the beach !

This chap tows this behind his motorhome all the way from the UK then uses it to drive around the local area ...

We then jumped on the pushbikes and went looking for a bar to watch the Rugby in tonight, no chance in Spain.

We stopped at a bar on the site on the way back and had a go at Zumba!  I am just out of sight, to the left of the girl in yellow. 

Just a quick note, Elaine has added a page to the blog!  You click on the tab next to the 'Home' tab. 
It brings up our route on different maps and other links, or click here for a look.

She is a clever little vegemite.  

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