Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I Should Have Worn A Crash Helmet

Re yesterday's post when I mentioned the size of some of the satellite dishes on this site, this is a pommie chap's set up.  He has brought bloody Jodrell Bank with him...its dynabolted to the bedrock!!

After a morning of not doing too much, Elaine was finishing the final chapters of a really good book, (we have both been ripping the through the books the last few weeks) while I gave the bathroom a good clean up and removed and cleaned up the mixer tap so it is nice and smooth now!

In the late afternoon we went down to the site pool.  I was adjusting my position on the sun lounge when I went a bit too far back, I went base over apex, smacked my head on the wall, grazed my elbow and hurt my shoulder!  I nearly knocked myself out!  The amazing bit was that no one laughed, they were all concerned about whether I was injured or not.  I did feel a bit of a nob, Elaine laughed later though!

As  mentioned yesterday, it is a very nice pool.  That is my little baldpate in the middle of the pool ...

I then returned to my sun lounger, this was my view ...

This evening we took the dogs for a walk around the town and ended up at the same bar as last night!  The waitress greeted us with 'Sammie'!!!  We are locals already!!

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