Sunday, October 25, 2015

It feels like home......Mojacar, that is!

Our plan was to leave our wild camping spot today (Sunday) but when we woke yesterday the weather had changed in a bad way and it was very overcast and cool.  As there was no snorkelling or sunbathing to be done we decided to head straight off to Mojacar.

Before we left we took the dogs for a walk on the beach, which was deserted apart from some Spanish young 'uns.  We think it was some kind of hen do or baby shower.

It looked like the girl had dressed as a man and the man dressed as a girl.  They had both stuffed pillows under their clothes - for the 'woman' to appear pregnant and for the 'man' to have a beer belly!  They also dragged a couple of garbage bags behind them ... with who knows what inside of them.

The rest of them took lots of photos and laughed - for a long time!

They gave us a cheery wave, but we have no idea what it was all about! 

This is my last pic of our paradise beach.  The strange thing is that we thought it would have been packed being a weekend but virtually all the motorhomes, bar a few, left.  Once again we do not know why, maybe they check the weather forecast and chase the sun.

The white shed is the beach bar that has shut for the winter, the blue containers on the left are for the drinking water ... 

We left our beach spot and went to the local servo to top up with water again before heading down the coast to Mojacar.

I'm not sure if we have mentioned this before but we have rented a unit in Mojacar, as we did last year at the same time.  We don't move in until the 2nd November though.  One of my concerns was the parking, as I didn't want to piss off the residents by taking up too many parking spots, or making it hard for them to get in and out of the carpark.  So we drove up to the unit block to do a measure up.  It looks pretty good, remembering that it is winter so not many parking spots will be used up ...

Once that was sorted we headed down to our favourite bar in Mojacar, The Emerald Isle.  What a nice reception we had, the owner welcomed us back as did two of the regulars that we got to know last year!  The main reason we went to the bar was to watch the rugby.

After the rugby had finished we went next door, grabbed a takeaway Indian from Bollywood and then drove down to a deserted part of Mojacar beach where we parked up for the night.  We were completely on our own but were joined at midnight by a couple of local Spanish fishermen who set up camp next to us and fished all night.  We were happy for them to be there, safety in numbers etc.

We woke to another miserable day!  It is not too bad though as it is still 20 degrees C.

This is the view of Mojacar from out overnight stop ...

Poor little Sammie stood on something sharp (thistle type thing) when he jumped out of the van for a wee, so couldn't wait to get back in and feel sorry for himself by hiding in the corner of the bed ... 

Later in the morning (after El had finished cleaning up the beach of some rubbish!) we drove back into Mojacar and parked up opposite The Emerald Isle, where later today we will go and watch the mighty Wallabies stick it up the Argies.

We went for a walk along the prom to one of our favourite cafes (Beachcomber) and went for the full English!

As you can see it is still overcast and rainy ...

The pic below was taken on the 25th October LAST year.  That is the good thing about when it does rain here you know that in a couple of days it will return to the conditions in the below pic ...

Tomorrow we are heading off up into the hills for a few days as we want to check out the village of Orgiva, which we believe could be a bit of an alternative village ... we will find out shortly.

So to the title of the post....Mojacar does feel like we have returned  home.

So why do we like it???  We go to and Irish bar, go to an English cafe for an English breakfast and get a takeaway curry from the local Indian ... just like back in the UK.  There is one reason and one reason only, the weather.  It's better than the UK, pure and simple.

We always thought that if we ever lived in Spain it would be in a little Spanish village, embracing their lifestyle, but the reality is that it is much easier to live in a British immigrant enclave!  I'm not going to use the term 'ex-pat' as, I think, it comes across as some sort of 'superior group' where, in reality, they are immigrants!  We will learn the language of course but we much prefer the English ways.  In saying that I do like siestas!

Back in Oz we weren't 'immigrants' or 'expats', we were just 'pommie bastards', which is a much easier definition ... it was always said with a smile though.

Kick off in a couple of hours ...

C'mon you Wallabies!!


  1. You certainly look ‘at home’ Enjoy your extended summer and think of us in the UK occasionally! Regards to you both. x

  2. Presume you have read the very good set of Chris Stewart books based on his emigrating to a hill farm somewhere near Orgiva?