Sunday, October 18, 2015

Still in Calpe!

We are still in Calpe enjoying the lovely weather.  

It is a great little site we have been staying at, very informal and friendly.
This is the site bar - it has two Happy Hours a day and it is always busy ...

Yesterday I found a pommie bar after cycling across town, where I watched Man Utd beat Everton.  I was going to watch the Kiwi vs France rugby game there but instead I came 'home' and watched it on the laptop using the campsite free wifi!

Not far from the site is a fenced-in doggie park so the boys had fun playing with their Spanish mates ...  

Today was absolutely glorious weather so we went for a walk along the prom ...

It was a bit warm so we stopped for a drink in one of the many bars, while doing a bit of people watching.  We also discovered a bar that was showing the Australia vs Scotland Rugby game later in the day, so we kept that in mind!
My freezing cold glass of beer!
We had given the dogs a bit of a shower on the beach prior to going into the bar (as they were so hot) but inside the bar they got really cold and started shivering, so Elaine sat outside with them in the sun while I finished my beer!

We headed back to the van for a bit of a late lunch and by the time we had sorted ourselves out it was time to head out again to watch the Rugby at 5 pm!  On arrival at the bar we found we were heavily outnumbered by the Scottish contingent!  Most of the Scottish crown had arrived last night from Glasgow and were out here rock climbing.  It turned out they were the Cairngorm mountain rescue team who were here to practice mountain and cliff rescues!

They were were a fine bunch who were very vocal during the game but very good humoured.  This is a lot more than could be said for another absolute twat of a Scotsman who couldn't handle the fact that they had lost.  He was effing and blinding during the game and long after it had finished.  Obviously we were cheering for the Aussies and were suitably attired so he took his vitriol out on us! The biggest problem was that we couldn't understand a bloody word he was saying!  When we left I went over to him to shake his hand and do the old 'its only a game' etc and after gobbing off a bit more he finally shook my hand but he wasn't a very happy chappie!  We felt so sorry for his wife.

Bloody good win though eh?!!

This was Bombo collapsed in the bar after watching the game - it was all too much for him ...

Tomorrow we will head off down the coast, definitely not stopping at Benidorm!  I will try most things but really don't fancy Benidorm whatsoever.  Hopefully we will find a camera shop and buy a new camera on the way!

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  1. Ken was very grumpy, especially as about 10 minutes before the end when the sweaties were in front he was cheering and harassing me - my calm reply was you shouldn't think you've won until the final whistle which proved very correct.x