Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Meeting Up With Bloggers In Spain

Someone was up early this morning taking a photo of the sunrise through the side hatch.  It certainly wasn't me ...

Our first stop today was Torrevieja, where we met up with blogger Heth and husband Dave. They used to live on a wide beam boat but are now living the dream in Spain. Check out Heth's blog here  

We have never met them before, so we had a good old chat ... with no mention of toilets!  
(For the info of non-boater-readers, for some reason boaters usually end up discussing what toilet they had/have on their boat - along with the pros and cons of it!)

We wish them all the best with their new life in Spain ...

Later in the arvo we headed south, looking for a place to stop in La Zenia.  We were here two years ago on a holiday and stayed in this hotel.  We had a late lunch near the hotel then carried on a bit further south as the parking spot in La Zenia was a bit dodgy. 

We pulled up for the night at Punta Brava, close to a yacht club.

This boat is sunk just off the beach!! 

It's a nice little town on the shores of the Mar Menor and, once again, a very, very quiet place. 

We are moored up just a few feet from the shore line ... now did I read the tide table right? 

And here we be ...


  1. Ola me amigos,
    It was so nice to finally meet up with you in real life after all these years of knowing you online. Made me wonder just how often four people meet for the first time with such interesting life history (in common) to share!
    One couple from Australia, (with one of them a Brit). The other couple being two Brits from opposite ends of the UK.
    Both couples chose to sell up and live on water for several years at roughly the same time.
    Then both couples sold up their boats and moved to living or spending lots of time in Spain, and none of it was organised or planned between them. Eventually they sit down for a coffee together... We must be totally unique!
    Enjoy your time in Mojacar, or Mocha Har as I call it! (Sounds like a coffee machine with a sense of humour).
    More importantly, we both really hope you haven´t caught that dreaded lurgy thing from us... We were fine that day, then the next, "truly crook". Hit us both all of a sudden, so we left and came home early :(
    All logged and blogged while snot was dripping from my nose last night.
    On a much less important note, I suspect you´ll have to change my blog address in your blog list back to www.takeytezey.blogspot.com. The new domain name is just a redirect from there. Complicated I know, and sorry for any assing about involved. Just read your blog post and noticed it hasn´t updated. I´ve done chapter one part two now. By the end of the week I may even have the beginnings of a book called "Four Brits In Spain."
    Take care,
    Heth and Dave xxx

    1. We are fine health wise, no lurgy at all, probably the A/C in the hotel recirculating bugs!
      You really must try and get down the part of Spain we are in at the moment...Aguilas, it is something else.
      I will get El to check the link etc.
      Take Care
      Paul xx