Monday, October 19, 2015

It's a New Camera....

We left the wonderful Aire at Calpe  this morning after 3 days of doing not a lot.

We can really recommend that Aire as a stopover - they were great, friendly hosts.  The quirky little bar and take away was just great ... we were talking to a pommie chap this morning who said that last night they had the paella for two and two pints of sangria, all for the price of 12 Euro (£9.00 / $19.56 AUD).  

Our first stop today was the 'Media Mrkt' store on the outskirts of Benidorm - for our new camera.  The camera we wanted was advertised on the net for 225 Euros but when we got there they had them on special for 139 Euro (£104.25 / $226.63 AUD).  I was ecstatic!  It is virtually the same as the last camera which cost about £225 over two years ago.

It even has a flip up selfie screen!!

Elaine tried it out in the van whilst we were still parked works!

After our shopping trip we wanted to find a spot where we could park up on a beach away from the madding crowds.

After driving for about an hour we found out spot for the night ...

We are parked up right on the beach just south of Alicante.  We have two other pommie motorhomes for company ... 

I tried out the camera zoom, which works just fine. These are a couple of cruise ships moored up in Alicante about 5 miles away ... 

The other chaps moored up here said not to worry about the sign!  They have been here for a few days with no problems. A cop car drove past earlier and he didn't even look over ...

When I said we were looking for a quiet spot, it wasn't until we were moored up that I noticed Alicante airport a few miles away!  I will be hitting flight radar 24 later. 

Had to try out the selfie feature ...

Now, back to the beach !!


  1. I am told that nobody cares too much about unofficial mooring spots overlooking beaches etc during the Winter season. Everyone turns a blind eye. There are always several motorhomes parked up overlooking the beach at Playa San Miguel, Cabo de Gata, right next to a Guardia barracks. They get moved on in the Summer, but not now. There is even a water tap there, and someone usually has a manhole cover key so the nasties can be disposed of properly - I've seen the water tap, but the manhole cover might be rumour. Its handy for the beach bars and food stores though.

    1. We do love to moor up on the beach, as long as there is a bit of company for safety...

    2. If the bloody clique that operates here annoys me any more I might be joining the wild campers at San Miguel!

  2. Its a TZ 55 just about the same as the old TZ 40 except it doesn't have GPS or the Leica lens. It was very cheap for Spain, but you can buy the same camera in the UK for about £105 and Oz for about $200.

  3. My main attraction was that i like the other camera lot and I now have spare batteries and of course the 20 x optical zoom

  4. Great price on the camera guys!!! When James breaks the 3rd one we have I know where to get one now! Looks like thats P&O Brittania in port with the blue funnels.