Monday, October 12, 2015

I've Killed Her

The camera that is.  She has fallen out of my pocket on many occasions, and was looking a bit battered and bruised, but last night when I was having a run with Sammie she fell out of the case and went down hard on the road, did a couple of rolls and that was it.  We tried CPR on the spot but there wasn't a flicker ... I put her back in her carry case and we rushed her home.

I got out the surgical screwdrivers and opened her up.  It was the first time I had operated on a camera so I had a couple of glasses of red to calm my nerves and stop the shaking hands. 

I stripped her down and couldn't find any reason why she wouldn't come round.  I reassembled her and connected up the umbilical cord to the pc and she spluttered into life.....sort of!!

The zoom doesn't work now ... I  have to switch it on by pressing the wifi button and switch it off by removing the battery.  I think she is mortally wounded.

We have had  over 2 great years together and she has taken thousands of shots, but alas old friend your time is up, farewell xx

Consequently we have no photos today and no more until I buy another camera.   Buying a new camera certainly wasn't in this years budget!!!!

Back to what has been happening ... this weekend has been a Spanish long weekend and, to be blunt, the Spanish on the site have been an absolute pain in the arse.  They have absolutely no regard at all for their fellow campers, screaming and shouting around all day and night.  The security guards tried to shut them up last night at about 01.30 but they would have none of it, so they had to call the cops who threatened to kick them off the site unless they shut up.

As I have mentioned before this sight is predominantly used by older English, French, Dutch folk etc and subsequently is pretty quiet in the night, but my god did it change when the Spanish arrived on Friday.  Thankfully today they all left and it has gone back to its normal serene state! 

We had an easy day again today!  We just had a walk around town earlier in the day, followed by a swim and this evening we trotted down the road to our current favourite restaurant!  Our waitress was happy to see us and the dogs again and, as was becoming the norm, threw in a lot of extras on top of our order!  We have just had some tapas for the past couple of times we have been there, but the extra food and drinks just keep coming ... at no extra cost !  Amazing!  We had hugs and kisses all round when we left tonight ... they definitely make you feel welcome :)

We will move on tomorrow to pastures new, hopefully checking out some camera shops on the way. 


  1. Only yesterday I searched your blog to find the model of your "new" camera, and noted that you thought that it was the last in the UK. Unsurprisingly it is still for sale in Australia. We decided to have the lens cleaned on our older Panasonic ZS8 for $115 and wait a bit longer to buy a new one in the $4-500 range. So a new blog post will be needed to let us know all about your new purchase.

    1. I am so impressed with the old lumix I would like to buy the same one or its supercessor. I really have given it a hard time as I carry it everywhere, I just dropped it once to often.