Thursday, October 15, 2015

One Perfect Day

Elaine was busy last night finishing off her latest creation, the Pro Hart Dragonfly!

We left the campsite and headed to Scallops for the cheapo 2.95 Euro breakfast, and very nice it was too ...

We then walked around Javea, and what a lovely town it is - and absolutely full of poms ...

... it seems that more of the 'upper crust' poms hang out here, so we fitted in well!! 

The villas on the hill behind the port are rather expensive to say the least ...

The fishermen were sorting out their nets.  Elaine was most distressed because there were lots of little fishes stuck in them! 

We then drove just outside the port where we parked up on the beach, sunbathed swam and read! 

After too much relaxing we went for a little drive up the hills and what a view they have up there ... 

Tonight we parked up with a few other motorhomes a on a bit of waste ground a couple of streets back from Arenal Beach, so much nicer than a site ...

As there are so many poms here there are also a lot of Indian restaurants, Indian being our favourite food we sampled one just up the road, it was really good.

We really enjoyed today.  Javea is a fab place and is a very desirable place to live.

Other exciting news today ... thanks to Elaine's very clever brother, Trevor we now have 2 of the PCs working again, all sorted out by his clever diagnoses and relaying the fixes to us by email.  Unfortunately the camera is still cactus but I have found a camera shop near Benidorm, so we will stop by there the next days and buy another Lumix.  I did manage to take pics today but it is such a faff and if you look at the pics they look like there is a dead fly on the lens ... this is a result of me pulling the camera apart and rebuilding it in less than ideal conditions!

Another great thing we found today is a brilliant radio station that plays great music and has English presenters.  Spanish and French radio are truly crap! 


  1. Love the dragonfly - very clever lady your Elaine! xx

  2. In about 1967 I went on a school Geography Field trip to El Arenal. The school got a good deal because ours was the only hotel that had opened, so the travel agents were keen to get the word out. Where you are moored, a couple of streets back - well there was hardly anything beside or behind the hotel then, and the area around the hotel was mostly farmed or rough grazing. They grew tomatoes in the shelter of small abandoned quarries and probably exotic stuff like peppers, courgettes and aubergines - things we had never heard of in those days!
    Best wishes, Debby

    1. You would notice a big difference now.