Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Bit Further South.

I was so tempted to stay and watch the ships for another couple of days, but I really must make a bit of an effort to get closer to Spain.

I have an appointment to get my NIE number of 30th September so I want to get back before then.

It was a pretty easy drive, but I did have to go on a toll road as the other way was just too far.

I decided to stop for the night at Segre, for non other reason than I wanted to stop quite early so I could go for a stroll around the town.

The last bit was a bit hairy as I went down a little cobbled street, it was a real tight squeeze past a parked up van, unfortunately I have no co-pilot to guide me through so I got out and folded his mirror in, then it was fag paper stuff but we made it.

As usual in France the place was amazing.


This poor old bridge, the bloody poms partially destroyed it in 1422, then the Germans blew it up as they were retreating on the 5th August 1944!

There are three of us here now, its a two minute walk into the centre, once again its a free Aire with the usual it. 

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