Thursday, September 8, 2016

It All Went Well

It was a lovely funeral, everything went to plan. Big thanks to Josie and Leyna (Elaine's nieces) for the readings, it is a very hard thing to do. Elaine would be so proud of you both x

Margaret the lovely chaplain from the East Cheshire did a  wonderful job, it helped that she got to know Elaine so well in the eight weeks that she was in the hospice, it was very emotional listening to Margaret talking about Elaine x 

I had practised my eulogy in the van a few times on my own and had never managed to get to the end. Yesterday I did manage it after a few pauses, but was so glad that I could do such a small thing for Elaine.

Big thanks to the three nurses that came from the hospice, once again Elaine had touched them, it was lovely for them to attend and so much appreciated x 

Little Sammie was a star and sat on a chair next to me whilst I read the eulogy, Bombo was a little naughty and I could here him grumbling away, apparently he was getting hot and irritable. I think he wanted Elaine to know that he was there for her x

Huge thanks to Elaine's niece Callie for donating one of her original paintings to the East Cheshire Hospice, I'm hoping that rather than sell it to raise funds it will be hung in Elaine.s room where she spent the last two months of her lovely life. After talking to the nurses after the service  I think it will be a distinct possibility that will happen..x

The funeral staff were superb and so professional.

The wake went very well with the tears eventually being replaced by lots of laughter x

Thank you all for the donations to the East Cheshire Hospice x

My old workmates at All Marine Spares in Sydney held a after work barbie in memory of Elaine, it was attended by both present and past staff, suppliers and customers, all just so nice x

Drinks were had on the beach in Mojacar in her memory x

Finally thank you to all the people that attended plus for all the good wishes by email, mail and facebook x

I would like to say that blogging will return to normal from now on but it will never be normal again without Elaine my co-pilot next to me. I will try to do my very best.

Thank you all again from the bottom of my heart XXXXXXXXXXXX


  1. You are a star Paul and Bubs would have been very proud of you yesterday and in fact all the time up to yesterday. You know, I swear she was in that chapel, it certaibnly felt like it. You now take care of yourself and the boys and please do keep in touch. xx PS I was only joking about Cropredy next year x

  2. Am looking forward to your future blogs Paul and silently rooting for you.All the very best to you.

  3. Good on you Paul for giving your eulogy, Elaine would be so proud of you. Time now for you to hold her in your heart and take all those memories with you as you move on with whatever comes next. We wish you all the very best. Carol and George x

  4. You did her so proud Paul...your reading really honoured her...she will always be with you Darl wherever you go and whatever you do. Xxxxx