Saturday, September 10, 2016

And......We Are Off

I had to pop down the Kings Head by the Gurnett Aqueduct last night for my last drink there, the lovely young barmaid Bianca gave me a nice farewell hug, I wished her all the best with her future in Oz.

I was joined by good friends Kathy and Phil, Kathy is one of Elaine's old school friends that she has always kept in contact with.

We went to the Shalimar Indian restaurant in Macc town, we have been there a number of times, but the food last night was absolutely superb and was one of the best curries I have ever had.

We also had quite a few drinks, but it was my last night in Macc so why not.

Because of aforementioned drinks I didn't get away as early as planned.

I settled my bill with the farmer and backed off my pitch, its quite amazing to think that I arrived here on June 4th. 

The further south I went the worse the weather got,
I always take the M6 Toll as its always deserted, plus as a member of the caravan club I only pay a car rate. 

By the time I hit the M1 is was hammering down.

First stop was my mothers house in Milton Keynes where I sorted through some of our stuff she has been storing, I put two boxes of stuff in the van to take to Spain with me.

My sister Lynne popped around with my nephew Liam, its his 18th birthday today, so its a big family night out tonight with 26 people going.   I  declined,  Im not ready for  big fun events at the moment.

I have parked up for the night at the Giffard Arms pub right next to the canal in Milton Keynes, I was joined for a drink by my brother Russell his Mrs Tracy and my niece Kimberley.

Later my other sister Jackie dropped by for a drink with another two of my nieces Hayley and Nicole.

They are all partying away at the moment, but I have a feeling I may be joined by some of them later for a late night drink in the pub!

My brother also gave me a usb stick which had some photos of Elaine on it.

These two were taken when we came over for one of my work trips in November 2010, we went to the woods and walked my nieces new little horse called Neeko, this horse is now a jumping superstar


  1. Travel safely, Paul. Cheers, Marilyn and David

  2. Have a good trip Palul, stay well and safe. xx

  3. Safe journey Paul, maybe Kev & I will get to Mojacar soonxx

  4. Wow what a fun trip that looks like! I'm not to keen on that food though!

  5. Give yourself plenty of time to adjust. Just follow your nose and see where life takes you, but let us all know.... We are all root in for you Paul,
    Love and kisses,
    Lisa xx
    NB WaL