Monday, September 19, 2016


I left Ile De Re Saturday morning, I decided that I really should get back to Spain and stop faffing around. I have been away from the villa for getting close to four months, I have been living in the van for the whole time apart from a couple of weeks at The East Cheshire Hospice.  I thought it was time to get back there and get myself sorted out!

Saturday night I stopped over at Gan which is still in France in the Pyrenees foothills.  

The parking spot was a winery carpark....I didn't even go for a tasting!

Sunday I took the windy narrow road over the Pyrenees mountains, I really enjoyed it. 

Lovely views up there, this was a ski resort on the Spanish side of the mountains. 

Its a magical spot, the temp at the top was 5 degrees! 

Once down on the flat in Spain the sun was shining and the temp was increasing. 

I puled up for the night at a little beach just outside of Tarragona. 

There was a doggie spa on the site so I gave both the boys a tub. 

This morning I took the doggies for a walk on the beach then hit the road for the long trek down to Mojacar. 

I went on the motorways as I really wanted to do the trip in one day. 

This is Sammies new spot, on the floor in the passenger footwell!! 

I arrived in Mojacar at about six, I partially unloaded the van and parked it up.
 The little Citroen needed a jumpstart to get going it was then straight down the pub for a beer.

I was dreading going back into the villa as we literally abandoned it and ran away back to the UK, but it felt really good, it felt like home!

Many thanks to Wendy and Barry who have been walking up the hill every few days and checking the villa out. 

Tomorrow I will start on emptying out the van and sorting out the house and Elaine's belongings.

I just went across to the van and grabbed a bottle of red out of it, I felt quite sad that it will sit there empty tonight, it really is a lovely comfortable mobile home, and once again she didn't miss a beat all the way to the UK and back to Spain, its a fantastic motorhome.  

I was going to do a really long detailed blog on the road trip over the last couple of days, but Im so tired, so that's it I'm afraid.


  1. So glad to hear you´re back here in Spain, home at last, where you belong. xx

    Heth and Dave

  2. Glad to hear you made it safely Paul. Take care. Jennie and Chris x

  3. As always a great read Paul... You are doing so well Hun glad you are back at the villa now, know how much you love it there... Time to rest and reflect now is little Sammy.... Is his back any better xx