Sunday, September 4, 2016

The 2017 Elaine McBride News Years Day Memorial Dip ....

Last news years day they held the inaugural Mojacar New Years Day Swim.

We supplied the motor home as the mother ship/Canteen, toilet, shower etc.

You can read about it here  We had a ball, and even though Elaine was quite unwell at the time, she got right into setting up the bar and supplying drinks with her friend Wendy.

It was a really great day so this year they want to make it even bigger and better.

I was contacted last night by the unofficial mayor of Mojacar Brad Swift asking if I would mind them calling it the Elaine McBride Memorial New Years Day Dip.

I was blown away and of course said it would be an honour, how amazing that Elaine made such an impact on the community even though we were only there for a few months.

They idea will be to sponsor the  the people having a dip as in donate a sum of money for how many minutes they stay in the water. The money raised will go to two different charities, one is towards helping a local little lad who is battling a brain tumour and the other charity is paws/patas which is a local animal rescue charity .

I will be rattling the collection tin closer to the date.

Its going to be quite nice to get back such a lovely little community.


  1. What a lovely tribute to Elaine. Xx

  2. A great gesture Paul but someone else should rattle the tin while you go for a dip perhaps...