Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Top Spot..

It was a bit drizzly when I woke today, it didn't last long though.

As soon as it stopped I took the boys for a walk along the river bank.

I headed towards the coast towards Ile De Re, which is a small island off the west coast of France very close to La Rochelle.

We visited her a couple of years ago, and we both said it was our favourite place in Europe.
Some people have a problem visting places which bring back memories of someone who has departed, but I only have good memories with Elaine so I dont find it a big problem. Its  sad but it wouldn't stop me visiting.

The drive was pretty straightforward, I have been keeping a closer eye on the speedo, I dont think I would be so lucky if I get pulled over again.

I moored up at Saint Martin De Ray which is a settlement on the island, the place is just stunning, it is a walled town, the fortifications are mega, I will take some pics of those tomorrow, today I headed off down to the harbour. 

It is as every bit as good as I can remember it, it is just stunning. 

This boat had an Australian registration and is from Neutral Bay on Sydney harbour. The owner was onboard, he brought it out on a ship as he didn't fancy the long ocean stretches, he has been exploring the med and is heading up to the UK.

Its like the South of France without the poseurs. 

I was looking for some grub but couldn't get my head around cucumber milk!!!

I settled for a couple of pints of lager and some frites in a bar! 

There are loads of shops to look around but I gave them a wide berth. 

More pics cos its so lovely. 

The Aire is a 5 minute walk from the harbour, it is incredibly popular but only takes 17 motorhomes, they are all squeezed in but that's fine, there is a 10 euro charge a night but when I got here the boom gate was up so I just parked up, I'm not sure how you are supposed to pay. 

I left little Sammie at home when I went on the big walk, there is something wrong with him, I think he has hurt his back, he normally jumps all over the place but now he cant, plus he walks all hunched up and his back legs dont seem to follow his front, Its as if he has had a drink or two, I have started giving him ant inflammatorys and am only going to take him on little walks until he gets better. 

I still haven't got used to travelling on my own, I think its going to take a long time, normally its not a problem because I would be thinking I will be seeing Elaine soon and be looking forward to it. Then it sinks in that I wont be seeing her again  and it gets a tad harder. So far on my travels I haven't met another motorhomer on their own, it really is a couples thing.  Not whinging.....much, its still 100% better than sitting inside a house and feeling sorry for myself.

In saying that I will soon be sitting in a bloody great house in Spain, but I really do need to sit and reflect what I'm going to do with my life post Elaine. 


  1. Wonderful report Paul. Yes it will take a while but you are doing so well... Keep it up, will be OK xx

  2. Paul,
    Always enjoyed reading your Blog and seeing the places you have visited, keep it going.

  3. Day by day. Paul. And your friends are here waiting.