Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Funeral Plans....

Elaine's funeral is tomorrow afternoon.

Everything that has to be done  has been done.....I hope!

As the dogs have been a massive part of our lives it made sense that they would also go to the funeral and wake, it was one of my first requirements to the funeral director that the boys would be there.

They haven't got any nice new clothes to wear so I did the next best thing I have given then a wash and scrub up.

Sammie was first in the motorhome shower.

Followed by Bombo. 

Its obviously going to be a very sad affair but hopefully there will be some laughs as we all remember her as we have a few drinks later.

I am going to try and say a few words at the service, after all the pain and suffering Elaine has gone through over the last three years I will be very disappointed with myself if I dont do it. 

So at 14.40 tomorrow the 7th of September 2016 please raise a glass to my gorgeous wife Elaine.

A simply wonderful person that never stopped smiling no matter what she was going through.



  1. See you tomorrow Paul. You'll be grand.

  2. We will be thinking of you tomorrow, Paul. You will be able to speak; I spoke at my mother's funeral a few months ago -- and something just happens to you that allows you to do it. Other people who've done it say the same thing. You may not be able to look at anyone while you're doing it, but you will have the strength to get through it -- and in a strange way, you might even feel that it's a rewarding thing to have done. As I say, we'll be thinking of you and remembering Elaine.

  3. We will be thinking of you tomorrow

    Rich and Sharon ( nb oakapple )

  4. Hope you are having a shower too!

    We will be thinking of you tomorrow & remembering El, I am sure you will be able to speak, somehow you just can. We will raise a glass and remember a truly wonderful lady.

  5. The glasses will be raised on Yarwood for you both.
    X Lesley

  6. Thinking of you this afternoon. Raising a glass in the Sydney sun to you, El and the boys. Gill x

  7. We’ll be thinking of you today Paul saying goodbye to the lovely Elaine. We shall also raise a glass to celebrate her life and the good person that she was and also to you Paul to wish you all the very best for your future. Please keep blogging as and when you are able. Carol and George.

  8. We too will be thinking of you Paul. You will be strong enough to talk, when my friend lost her husband one of her sons who was 12years old sang & her other son who was 9years old read a verse. It. Was beautiful as will your talk. We will raise a glass to Elaine🍷🐶

  9. Thinking of you today Paul. This will be such a hard day for you, but if you are able to speak it will be something you can be proud of and you will be doing it for Elaine and that will stay with you in the weeks and months ahead. Stay strong and we will be raising a glass to Elaine today. Lots of love xxx

  10. we'll be thinking of you. Uou willl do Elaine proud. God bless

  11. Paul, we are thinking of you today. Both you and Elaine touched our lives albeit briefly but Elaine embraced life to the full and those that came into her life. We are raising a glass to her now. God bless her and take great care of yourself xxx