Saturday, September 24, 2016

Ups and Downs in Mojacar.

 I have been back in Mojacar for six days. There were no problems with the villa and the little Citroen fired up straight away.  

As people have told me plus what I have read its very much a roller coaster of a ride at the moment. Its now been over five weeks since Elaine died, I naively thought that I would start to feel a bit better by now, but in reality I feel worse, I think its due to the fact that it has really sunk in that I will never see her again.

In saying that I am eating and sleeping OK, I have been going out but not staying out too long, just a couple of drinks with some good friends than home up the hill to the villa. I have also been visiting the local pub, which always makes me and the doggies welcome.

I have been slowly but surely sorting out all of Elaine's stuff and I can tell you there is a lot of it.

Then I look out of the windows at the view and life doesn't feel too bad.

I have been in the water a few times and it is absolutely lovely, I have also visited Samoa surf beach bar which is owned by some friends, the bar sits right on the beach. They are only allowed to be there from June through to the beginning of October then its all dismantled and put away until next summer.

Martin and Anika have been running the bar since 1981, when Mojacar was a very different place.

I can see their place from the villa, I had to zoom in a bit!!

I also went to visit the little chihuahuas, they have found the most perfect home and are both extremely happy. Elaine's  biggest worry was what would happen to her little doggies but thankfully they found a lovely forever home before she died, it made her so happy. 

Talking of dogs, I snapped this one a couple of days ago on my morning stroll.

I think it is a Spanish Galgo. 

So all in all I am in a good place, this is the beach today, its just gorgeous at the moment. 

However I was off to the pub to watch the footy,  Bombo enjoys the cold tiles, plus the pub has fantastic air conditioning so it's a good place to be. 

Sammie however isn't so good, I took him to the vets again to try and find out why is walking like a drunk and can no longer jump around like he used to.
She gave him a thorough examination and when she manipulated his spine he tried to bite her, so she thinks he has damaged his back somehow, he is on drugs for a few weeks and if that doesn't fix him it will be a x-ray and possible operation. 

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  1. Paul You are doing all the right things-the first weeks and moths are by far the worst. Make a plan for wash day to keep busy-you have many friends to help you! Keep well