Monday, September 12, 2016

Who Said The French Hate The English!

I left Milton Keynes yesterday after having a walk along the towpath.

My destination for the day was to Elaines sisters place in Maidstone.

I set the sat nav to avoid all motorways as the M1 was completely blocked because they were demolishing two bridges. It was a lovely drive going through lots of towns and villages, then through the centre of London.

I stayed the night at the caravan club site in Bearsted, they are nice sites but I find them far too proper, I prefer a bit of rough and ready.

I had a lovely day at Julia and Paul house, we were joined for dinner by Elaine's niece Leyna, her other half Bill and little ones Connie Evie and William. Of course it felt a bit strange without Elaine but we had a good day in the sunshine.

I was up early and headed of to Calais, I was so early they put me on a earlier ferry, which was virtually empty.

Goodbye lovely England, I will see you again sometime.

No problems at Calais, I set the sat nav for an Aire near Rouen, I set it  to avoid toll roads.  

This is what I love about driving in France, virtually no traffic.

And here we are all moored up safely watching the big ships going up the Seine to Rouen.

On the last leg, I was pulled over by the Gendarmerie apparently they clocked me on radar doing 78ks in a 50k limit, after looking at the dash cam footage it was a fair cop, they caught me going down the hill off the bridge.

Amazingly he just said be careful and off you go, who said the French dont like the English.

If you watch the video I'm sure you will be so impressed at my command of the  French language! 


  1. Couldn't hear your French Paul but Meg thought Sammie's was excellent! She tells me he knows some rude words .....
    Love your choice of music too
    best wishes

    1. Elaine was the French speaker, my two words yesterday were Bonjour and Au revoir!!

  2. Well getting carried away whilst listening to Queen is quite understandable, I usually go into 'autopilot' mode too...

    You need to practice "Je suis Anglais, je suis très désolé" it's helped me in the past...