Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Back to Paddo :-)

We survived last night's mooring at Bulls Bridge, in fact we had a really good sleep.

We set off at a reasonable hour this morning, and once again it was a clear sky and hot - actually it got up to 31 today.

There were lots of these big barges down this way, I wonder if they ever go sailing?

A little bit further on we come across this...

It's the puppet theatre barge Maybrent ... she was doing a very good job at dredging the channel, she must must have been doing all of .5 knot!

There was an awful lot of weed in the water, I had to keep giving her a blast of astern every now and again to get it off.

We filled the water tank at Black Horse Bridge and, as there was no one around, we also washed down the stbd side of the boat and half of the roof, it was very grimy!

We arrived back in the basin, which was was full, but on the way out Elaine spotted a bit of rope in the water attached to the wall under the bridge ... magic, now we would have something to tie the boat up to, there was a ring for the stern rope.

Whilst Elaine cleaned up the boat I took the dogs for a walk and to check up on Kate ... there were lots more press people about.

A few spectators ...

...but no armed guards yet so I presume she is still sitting at home with her legs crossed!

 Then we had a bit of drama when a young chap walking past the boat suddenly collapsed clutching his chest ... we thought he was having a heart attack, he was still conscious.  He told us he had an ICD implanted in his chest and it had just shocked him causing him to fall.  We made him comfortable and I checked his heart rate which was fine, obviously the ICD was doing its job.  We got the comfy chair out of the boat and gave him a drink of water ... one of his workmates was also with him.  We offered to call the ambulance, but he just wanted to have a rest then get a cab home.  After about 15 mins he was off.

Here is our mooring right under the bridge.. 

This is the view from the port hatch...

And this is the view from the stbd hatch!

Now before you jump to conclusions and say that is the second half naked female featured on this blog in two days, Elaine took the above pic.

You would have to admit though - what are the chances of seeing a young girl in a bikini paddle-board in the middle of Paddington!

Time now is 20.10 and the temp is 26 it!

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