Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tales of the River Bank

It rained a fair bit last night, which was good, the grass certainly needs it. This morning we woke to a lovely blue sky with the temperature being a little on the cooler side.

We carried on sorting out the cratch - it is now nicely sorted with the majority of stuff in the hold (and some stuff under the bed). We now have plenty of room to manoeuvre on our forward deck for anchoring ... and even sitting in!

In the early afternoon we decided to walk to B & Q in Chiswick to buy a few odds and sods - we left the dogs on the boat as the temperature had risen considerably.

Lots of guerrilla  knitting in Brentford ...

The old Fire Station, which is now a Persian restaurant.  Great building ...

After buying the odds and sods we ambled down to the Thames where we found a..........
really nice pub!

The Bell and Crown sits right on the river bank - the tide was just starting to come in when we arrived.  We can't believe how paddle boarding has took off in this country, must be quite nice drifting along with the tide.

The birds were having a good time picking around on the foreshore ...

Then a really special treat ... Gloriana cruised past, a narrowboat passed in the opposite direction!

It is a splendid looking vessel, and it made it under Kew bridge unscathed!

Then we caught the bus back to the boat, we still have some credit on the Oyster cards.

As I sit typing this the planes are passing low overhead on their way to land at Heathrow - it's quite handy with Flight Radar 24 running in the background, you can see where they have all  come from!  Elaine especially likes me telling her this......not!
Landing gear just coming down, she has just come from Joburg

Tonight we are off to a local Indian restaurant - as a bonus it takes the Tastecard, which has been a good investment.  Early morning tomorrow !

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