Friday, July 26, 2013

Housework in Hanwell

What a fantastic night's sleep we had last night, the only noise was from a fox!   NB Lady Esther was moored in front of us; We did see Angie last night when we were walking the dogs - they had only just arrived and time was getting on, so it was just a quick chat!  We just saw the back of them departing this morning about 8.30am ... as we were getting up! 

We haven't decided when we will go onto the Thames yet - I really fancy turning left at Brentford and going back to Paddo but we won't ... look what happened to Capt Cook when he returned!

So today we decided to do a little bit of housework that turned into a interior transformation of the boat.  We have had blue carpet tiles all throughout Caxton but it is getting harder and harder to keep them clean with the cats shedding their fur constantly.  The dogs are no problem as they don't shed.  So we pulled them all up - the only difficult bit was getting rid of the adhesive on the outer tiles where they were stuck to the hardwood floors, but we got it done in the end.  We will keep all the tiles, plus we have two boxes of spares so we can put them back later if we wish, but at the moment we like the new look, and hopefully it will be easier to keep clean.

Carpet tile-less Caxton ...

Elaine also completely gutted the cratch and the forward hold and gave it all a good clean plus sorted out the ropes and anchor etc so it will be easier to move around the cratch whilst on the Thames.  I was down the 'arse end' cleaning out the engine room! 

We finished at about 19.00, had a good shower and off we went to the pub, well it is Friday!

We took the dogs with us, taking them for a good walk first.

So into The Fox we went - it might look empty in the pics but that is because it has a huge garden and outside area and all the punters were outside... 

It is a really good local's pub - no fancy stuff, just a good pub!

This was hanging from the ceiling...flytrap of some sort?

We also decided to eat in the pub, the food was terrific.  Here is today's panorama !

This is something you will never see in an Aussie pub...dogs that is, not dodgy shorts!

This is it - The Fox at Hanwell, well worth a visit if you are in these parts. It is situated quite close to the bottom lock and just up the road a little way.

Woohoo it's Friday... 

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