Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Courting Hampton

We woke this morning to heavy rain, so decided to stay put.

I left my Shreddies for a couple of minutes and Geoffrey was straight in there, so I let him carry on and made another bowl!  He used to weigh 8 kilos, he now weighs 3 kilos, so every bit helps. Elaine has been buying him prawns to get him eating as he is rather partial to them!

We went for a walk when the rain eased off, we walked past Hampton Court Palace and went to Bushy Park again.  We had a chat with a local dog walker, she said that as long as you stay away from the long grass the deer are no problem.  She also told us it wasn't the stags that were the problem it was the does and their newborn fawns, so heeding her words we walked around the perimeter,  It is a massive park, we spotted a few deer grazing away.

We walked a little further, where another dog walker warned us about a mother and fawn a bit further down the track.

By the time we got there she was heading off in the opposite direction.

We finally ended up in Kingston ...

We walked back to the boat alongside the river. We came across this next to the river ... any ideas?

Looks like a budget Olympic cauldron!

We had walked quite a lot of miles so we left the dogs on the boat to sleep and decided to treat ourselves to a nice lunch, rather than dinner which is our usual choice ... a very nice restaurant it was too!  It was recommended by a friend of ours back in Oz who used to live in the area ...

When we got back to the boat I did a few little jobs on the boat, as in re-doing the silicon in the shower and galley granite top.  I had done it before but used cheapo silicon, which had started going black and mouldy after a few weeks, so now I have used the expensive u-beaut anti-mould stuff so we will see how it goes.

Meanwhile Elaine went off with Bombo photographing plants and flowers, as you do.  She took this pic of a bee, I have been trying for ages to get a pic, but they don't pose for long enough for me.

Weather has turned out really nice again this evening.  We will move tomorrow no matter what ... destination-who-knows!


  1. It's got to be done kind of tunnel vent, hasn't it?

    1. Dont know, there are no roads or railways underneath.