Friday, July 19, 2013

World Exclusive!!!!!! We Speak To Kate!!!!!!!

We took off on our walk to our favourite pub in Paddo, The Queen Victoria.

Over the bridge to the rear entrance of the hospital, the sun streamed down ...

When we turned the corner, we spotted this young lady ... crikey ... it was Kate!

I zoomed in to get some good shots!

'F*&k the paparazzi, we're rich', I screamed!!

'I can sell these photos for millions' I said, then I got really greedy, 'let's try and have a exclusive chat with her'.   I would have to say she looked very well for 9 months up the duff!

I used Sammie as the bait to lure her in ...

.... it worked she loved him ....

We had such a laugh and a chat ... she loved Sammie.  I loved how much money I was going to make with this world exclusive;  I bade her farewell and wished her a safe delivery.  She said that if we were hanging around in London that we could be godparents, goodness - we only just met!!!

Also hanging around was David Beckham's dad, at least that is what he told us.

Elaine and Bombo had a pic taken with him ...

As we skipped away to the pub I hugged a policeman and said, 'we're rich, woohoo'!

His reply shattered me, 'You muppet, she is a bloody Kate impersonator, didn't you notice she didn't have a bump'.

'I only looked at her face', I replied!

Oh well, money doesn't make you happy.

We ended up at the Queen Vic  where we had a couple of pints and a packet of crisps ....

Quite lucky really, I nearly phoned ahead and ordered Moet all round!

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  1. Ha Ha Gullible Poms!!! Any way to make a quick quid! I actually like the idea of a couple of pints and a packet of crisps at the Queen vic then back to my boat I reckon you sound like a couple of winners! Love Karen O'Neill