Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Walkabout in London

I took the dogs for their morning walk around Paddo this morning.  Right next to the basin is St Mary's hospital - what I didn't know is that Kate is having her baby here.

The press were all getting set up this morning...

This is the entrance she will go in with a bump and out with the newborn child ...

The squares are all marked out for the different press agencies to use ...

Our plan was to have another big explore day, but Elaine has got a bit of a dodgy leg at the mo.(Too much pushing heavy lock gates.)  We just about got to Paddington station when she went lame - I decided not to put her down but brought her back to the boat instead.
I left again with Sam, leaving Bombo on the boat to keep Elaine companY -  no plans, just go for a walkabout.

There are some lovely mews in Paddington ...

I walked around the most of Hyde Park, they are setting up for a shed load of concerts coming up. The last time I went to see a concert in Hyde Park it was the Rolling Stones in 1969 and it was free!!  I was 13!!  I think I told mum I was popping up the shops - it was good then, no mobile phones checking up on you every 30 mins.

Clever dog, taking a horse for a walk ...

I know I keep banging on about the new camera, but check this out.....standing on the bridge looking over the serpentine towards Westminster Abbey/Houses of Parliament...

50% Zoom ...

Full Zoom - abd this was on a pretty overcast day, imagine the results on a sunny day and in the hands of a good fits in your top pocket. Still wish it had a bloody viewfinder though.

Back to the walk....Lady Di Memorial - such a shame she isn't with us - she would be camped outside the hospital with her Instamatic 25. 

Lots of geese by the Serpentine - as I approached with Sammie they all made a dart for the water; this poor chap just froze.

This is an Egyptian duck, I now know this!

Through the park to Knightsbridge, where I spotted The House of Chav.

Carried on walking down Knightsbridge to Hyde Park Corner, where I checked out the Australian war memorial, they were cleaning it at the time.

Robert Menzies quote 1941. (Australian Prime Minister)

Cleaners hard hat!

This is The New Zealand war memorial.

So we carried on walking along Constitutional Hill, past the palace, down the Mall, through horseguards to Whitehall, past Downing Street finally stopping opposite the Houses of Parliament where I took a pic of Winnie.

Look at the time, better walk back to the boat, bugger that catch the tube, I sat next to an Asian and a Arab lady on the tube, both of them were horrified that I had a little dog on my lap and moved...could have been my BO though!

Tonight we left the dogs on the boat and went for a mini pub crawl around Paddo.

I will say this about London, there is no signs of a recession, tonight the pubs and restaurants are packed with locals, tourists and business types....I love it!


  1. I have a question for you Paul! When you went past Churchill's statue did you notice whether it was clean (ie no bird droppings) or not? On a recent trip to London with our granddaughter we were informed that Churchill did not want a statue as he was 'not willing to be 'crapped' on by a mulitude of birds for the rest of time'. Apparently when his statue was built some sort of electrical probe was added that deters birds from landing on him, so he remains clean!

    1. Hi Jennie. Pleased to report that he was bird poop free.