Thursday, July 4, 2013

Anyone Fancy a Route....Master!

After taking the dogs for a walk around the basin (there were 4 empty berths), it was time to take the crap for a walk down to Little Venice to the Elsan point ...

I took this pic from the boat to show how close we are to the entrance to Paddington station and the underground - bloody amazing I say.

We took the tube to Covent Garden, a very good female singer was doing a turn ...

Lots of tourists about ...

We had lunch at a pub around the corner, where a very well dressed Italian chap with his very glamorous wife made a massive fuss of the dogs ... he said that he had 19 rescue dogs back in Italy!

Back to Covent Garden to find Elaine's special shop ... so special that it wasn't there any more.
Where did that blond bird come from?

We then walked down to the Thames, not sure which bridge we were on though.

Ooh, there is St Paul's ... let's go there!  You see the planning we do on these trips!

It was a really lovely warm day - actually this summer is going along very nicely.
What can you say about St Paul's ...

It was lovely sitting in the sun watching the world go by ...

Have I mentioned how much I like my new camera?

I noticed a few old Routemaster buses on the No15 route, so we decided to check that out.

We then walked down to the Millennium footbridge spanning the Thames, had to take some pics of...

the normal suspects.

We had to carry the dogs back as they didn't like the aluminium surface.


Sam went mental when he saw his reflection in a big stainless steel balls!

We headed back to Trafalger Square on an old Routemaster. They run on a section of the normal bus route - the buses are fitted with new motors, auto transmissions and are completely rewired.

The chap driving ours was zooming through the traffic.
Here she is, built in 1964.

We changed at Trafalgar square to a nice new air-conditioned bus, it was getting a bit hot out there.
We sat on the top deck and Sammie sat on the rear shelf...

....checking out the rush hour crowds.

Now where shall we go tomorrow?  Elaine wants to go the the physic garden and the ice bar ... hmmm wonder which one we will go to !


  1. Wozie nb OakfieldJuly 5, 2013 at 5:19 PM

    Yes, we are also Route-Master fans. We have moored right outside Paddington Station too, for a whole week free, amazing really. Reading your blog regularly cheers me up no end.
    I particularly like the fish-eye shot of you and little Sammy, very cool!