Monday, July 22, 2013

It's a Boy!!!

Well I got that wrong on the last blog - felt sure it was going to be a girl.  Now for the name, I reckon it's about time they had a Colin!

We were all awoken this morning but a massively loud thunderstorm - but no rain!  Phil and Kathy left us late morning ... they went off to do a bit of sight seeing and to stay in a Luxury Hotel for the night, but they will be back with us tomorrow.

Today we decided we would head off to the docklands area and Canary Wharf.

Off we went past this rather neat VW Kombi refreshment vehicle ...

It was parked in Paddo basin ...

Our superb mooring in the basin ...

We were talking the other night of our favourite places we have visited on our trip - they are London, Manchester and Liverpool.  We really thought we would have preferred the peace and solitude of the countryside - perhaps we just can't shake off the 'city living' tag!  In saying that we are also looking forward to a bit of a change when we leave London this week.

The tube would have been much quicker to Canary Wharf but we like sitting upstairs on the double decker bus checking out the sights.

Here is Sammie checking out Regent Street ...

It is also a lot cooler on the buses with the air conditioning ... 32 was forecast for today!  This weather has been incredible, and it's been going on for weeks.

Past Piccadilly Circus ...

Trafalgar Square ...

St Pauls ...

Check out the blue trees on the left ...

We got off at Bank and took the DLR to Canary Wharf.  It was very hot and not conducive for walking around too much, so what to do? Go to a pub for lunch!

We sat outside under a shade at the 'Slug and Lettuce'.  The first thing the waiter did was to bring water for the dogs; I like the man.

It was also '50% off Monday', so we had lunch for two plus a couple of beers for just nearly £13.00!  Not bad for anywhere in the country, but London ... wow!
The dogs were just knackered, it was too hot too walk them anywhere ...

Check out the temp!  We decided to stay in the pub for another couple, then we got the tube back to the boat just as the rush hour was cranking up! 

I took the cassette for a walk down to Little Venice, and on the way back I  spotted a boat belonging to one of the first bloggers I used to read many years ago, it was NB Ten Bob Note.
I had a good chat with Ernie, he is going good and still enjoying life afloat.  I used to email him back in 2007 to ask all sorts of live-aboard questions.  I have to say I based our blog on his, except his is a lot better, with much better pics.  Never mind still learning.   

When I got back to the boat we had visitors ... it was Adam and Adrian from NB Briar Rose
They were staying in a hotel nearby ... how Elaine was envious of their room with A/C and a bath.

Whilst we were sitting on the dock having a chat and a beer we heard a huge shout go up from the nearby St Mary's hospital ... the birth of the royal baby had been announced.
Adam and Adrian

We were due to go out again tonight but we were cancelled, so we thought well let's go round to the hospital and check out the scene.

This chap was the lone protester - the very nice Mr Policeman suggested to him that it was probably not the best time or place. 

David Beckham's dad was still a star attraction ...

The town crier was there ...

Such good fun, and we were there!

We commented on the way back to the boat that most of the photos the people were taking were of the press!  Elaine has been sitting outside this evening while I have been blogging - when she came in she said it felt like a 'Middle Eastern' night out there ... bizarre!  A thunderstorm has just started again ... wonder what weather tomorrow will bring us!


  1. Looks like you have "done" all of London now. Did you see NB Kind of Blue in Paddington, relatives of ours just beginning a journey of discovery on the canals.

  2. Hi Andy
    No haven't seen them, yep London all done, we will leave tomorrow or Thursday. We have just loved London.