Friday, July 19, 2013

Odd Job Day In Paddo Basin

Yet another hot sunny day - I am just loving this heatwave, let's hope it last 'till about 1st November.

So what to do on such a hot day...polish the boat of course!  It hasn't been done for ages and was looking very grubby.  I could only do the stbd side as it was in the shade for a few hours. I used T-Cut, then waxed it with some U-Beaut wax.

It took me hours, but she came up pretty good. 

Check out the shine, I will have to spin her around and do the other side tomorrow.

The dogs sat up on the roof as there was a nice breeze blowing.

It's stopped!

Elaine sat inside - felting soap. Note Bombo sharing the sofa!

Sammie just relaxed.

I also defrosted the fridge, it doesn't take long in this heat.

Elaine pulled most of the carpet tiles up the other day so I had to stick protective felt on all of the chairs and stools.  

Jobs done!

Now we are off to the pub, with a check up on Kate on the way. 

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