Thursday, July 4, 2013

London Day 3

We are a bit late with yesterday's blog as we had a late night up Soho ... we are trying to keep up the with the Chance guys.  (No Chance of that I can tell you).

We gave Elaine's dodgy leg a test run by walking down through Hyde Park to the Albert Hall.

We sat for a while by the Albert Memorial watching the world go by.

Very impressive ...
A lovely Korean girl fell in love with Sammie - then again she could be measuring him up for the cooking pot :-) 

We then had a stroll around Kensington,  I thought this place looked familiar...

The Iranian Embassy where the 1980 siege took place, it certainly put the SAS on the world stage.

We headed back to the boat as we were due to have our first visitor from Elaine's side of family - the southern lot, anyway.

It was Josie, Elaine's lovely niece who lives and works in London.

We also had a visit from Doug and James from NB Chance ...

Josie sorted us out with a couple of Oyster cards and we set off on the tube down to the West End ...

We ended up in Soho.  All the restaurants were full with long waiting times ... as I have said before there is no recession in London. We ended up in a quaint little Thai restaurant - our waitress was a very butch lady boy!

After dinner we went to a really loud pub, good fun though.
We then headed off back home. We had a great night out in London, with quite a few more to come.

I took the dogs for a walk around Paddington this morning, there were 4 empty berths! 


  1. Nice images. Guess you had a great fun and enjoyment.