Sunday, July 7, 2013

Water, Wimbledon and Wailway Twacks

Sunday morning and we were up early...the plan was to go to the water point in Little Venice, fill up and come back to our spot in Paddington Basin.

So, off we went and turned down the end of the basin ...
Bombo didn't appreciate being woken up early 

We got back round the bend, passing our mooring spot ... when what did we see coming the other way but a bloody boat.  Well, he wasn't going to have our spot, so we reversed back into the old spot - at least we were facing the right direction then!

The view from the side hatch, behind the wall. is Paddington station.  I still can't believe we are moored in the centre of London.

We had no big plans today, as it was too hot to go traipsing around.   (I never thought I would say that in England.)  It has been the most superb day weather-wise, it was showing 30 degrees in the shade, which is just perfect.

I did a few small jobs around the boat, whilst Elaine did a bit of tidying up.  We also showed an American chap and a Danish couple through the boat ... they were so intrigued by the lifestyle.

As we havn't got a TV signal at 2pm it was time to go to the pub and watch the tennis, good result, well done that man.

When we got back to the boat, the garbage scow 2 boats up had a band playing on it - they were so crap we grabbed the dogs and went back to a pub, to sit outside and watch the world go by.

Back to the boat again via Paddo station, I had a play with the zoom on the tracks leaving the station ...

Time to sit on the bench and toast our Andy ...

They had another band playing who were a lot better, Elaine and Sammie sat on the roof listening ...

It has been so hot today that the boat has bent like a banana!
As I write this another band has come on....big time crap!  No sleep tonight then.


  1. Geeez Bro, next thing you'll be saying it was the heat that made those straight tracks bend..... Nice Work....

    1. Funny you say that, I was reading in the paper today that they are buckLing in London with the hea