Thursday, March 20, 2014

19th March 2014 A Sad Day :-(

Tuesday morning started off normally, up early etc! We were going to go for a walk to the local Roman Fort for a  bit of culture, but before that Dot, Gordon and Ray drove off to the local village for some booze supplies, leaving Diane, Elaine me and the doggies at home.

As I mentioned in  Mondays blog Banjo started to wobble around when we walking around Newcastle, he has had a bad back before so we thought it was that.
About ten minutes after they had left Banjo started fitting, which he has never done before, but it went on for a very long time, Diane rang Dot to tell them to come back. Banjo recovered from the fit but was very agitated and crying.

As soon as the others came back they whisked him off to the local vet, where they diagnosed he had suffered from a stroke, and then he had another attack in the vet. Unfortunately there was no choice but to put the little man to sleep.

He was a lovely dog and was loved by all who met him. he was a well known character doing his rounds of Aston Marina.
I am sure he will be boasting in doggie heaven of his travels and adventures.

RIP Banjo.   

The pics below were taken on Monday.


  1. Sorry for your loss, I had to do the same to my daughters 14 year old Aussie yesterday.

  2. Oh so very sorry to hear this. It is awful when we lose one of our precious friends. Over rainbow bridge all the boaters dogs are enjoying their own canal they have found..

    Thinking of you.. xx

    1. It was good that we were with him, when he was fitting, he looked terrified.

  3. I'm sorry to hear your sad news - you have my sympathy. Our poor Poppy had a stroke - she recovered from the first but six weeks later she had another and that was that - a horrible shock.

    My heart is with you...

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  4. Sorry to hear of your loss.

  5. That's so sad. Our four-legged friends are so special. Poor Banjo.

    Thinking of you all